Pride and Prejudice Summary


Pride and Prejudice cover

Pride and Prejudice cover

Mrs. Bennet is very happy knowing that there will be new young rich single man who comes to Netherfield. His name is Mr. CharlesBingley. Mrs. Bennet, who has five unmarried daughters, wants one of her daughters, especially Jane, the oldest one, to marry him.

When a ball is held in Netherfield, Mr. Bingley comes with his sisters Caroline and Louisa Hurst, his brother in-law Mr. Hurst, and his closed-friend Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy. Everyone in the ball is very glad and impressed with Mr. Bingley manner during the ball. He dances with Jane as well which makes Mrs. Bennet keeps talking about how fit Jane and Mr. Darcy are. Different from Mr. Bingley, Mr. Darcy is very proud and does not dance with any others, except Bingley’s sister. Even when Elizabeth asks him to dance he refuses with his proud.

After that ball, Jane and Mr. Bingley seem falling in love each other’s but Jane just too shy to show it. Unfortunately, Bingley’s sisters disagree if her brother has lower status mother-in-law and Mr. Darcy himself does not see that Jane has same feeling like Bingley does.

Another day, Jane gets letter from Caroline Bingley to have dinner with Bingleys’ and she tells her that her brother is not at home. Jane decides to come and after arriving at Bingley’s house, she is sick because she gets rain on her way and has to rest there. In the morning Elizabeth gets letter from Jane and She tells her that she will be back soon after her sick is gone. Then Elizabeth decides to visit her sister. Elizabeth sleep there as well till her sister feeling better. Elizabeth also usually joins with Bingley’s family in the chat room in the afternoon and meets Mr. Darcy there.

As time goes by, Mr. Darcy often meet Elizabeth and start loving her because of her smart talk and attracting eyes. But Elizabeth only sees the proud in Mr. Darcy speak instead of his feeling.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth attracted to George Wickham, a militia officer. Wickham is easy to make friend with his good manner. He tells Elizabeth about his family and what Darcy did to him so that he now only can join the militia. He tells bad things about Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth only agrees on Mr. Wickham talk and dislikes him even more.

Another day Mrs. Bennet’s family has a visitor. He is Mr. William Collins, who works as a clergyman and get instruction from his patroness, Lady de Brough, to get married. Mr. Collins is Mr. Bennet’s relative who will inherit the house when Mr. Bennet dies. At first Mr. Collins wants to marry Jane, but Mrs. Bennets recommends him to propose Elizabeth because Mrs. Bennet tells him that Jane has been proposed by Mr. Bingley. But Elizabeth refuses him because she does not love him. Few days later Mr. Collins proposes Elizabeth’s friend, Ms. Charlotte Lucas.

Jane loses her hope when she receiving letter from Caroline Bingley that the Bingleys and friend will go to London and probably do not intend to return to Netherfield. Knowing this Elizabeth thinks that it must Bingley’s sisters and Mr. Darcy who responsible for keeping Jane from Mr. Bingley.

When Elizabeth visits her friend, Charlotte Lucas or now Mrs. Collins, in Kent, she meets Lady de Brough’s daughter and invites Elizabeth to dine in her estate. Elizabeth meets Mr. Darcy there when Mr. Darcy visiting his aunt. In other occasion Mr. Darcy talks to Elizabeth and proposes to marry him, but Elizabeth still has bad impressions of him. She tells him how he can propose while in the last time he made her sister far from Bingley and gave bad manner to Mr. Wickham. After hearing the reasons why his proposal is refused by Elizabeth, in the next day he sends letter to Elizabeth which explains why he trying to keep Jane from Bingley and the true story about Wickham. Elizabeth thinks that what was written on the letter is right. She feels sorry for her prejudice about Mr. Darcy.

Returning from Kent, Elizabeth goes to Derbyshire with her aunt and Uncle Gardiner. Then her uncle and aunt ask her to visit Pemberley where Mr. Darcy lives. At that time they did not know that Mr. Darcy is at home. Then Mr. Darcy welcomes them politely and introduces his sister, Georgiana Darcy to Elizabeth and her aunt and uncle.

While Elizabeth considers her feeling to Mr. Darcy, the next day after visiting Pemberley, she gets letter from Jane which tells her bad news about her youngest sister, Lydia, who has eloped with Wickham. Then Elizabeth, her uncle and aunt go to Netherfield as soon as they could. Mr. Bennet and Mr. Gardiner look for Lydia and Wickham in London. It’s a disgrace for the Bennet’s family because of this accident and it makes Elizabeth afraid that this situation makes Mr. Darcy does not love her anymore.

The next day, Lydia is found with Wickham and they married. Wickham can marry Lydia because of the help from Mr. Darcy. Such a good thing will happen, when Mr. Bingley comes to Netherfield with Mr. Darcy and visits Bennet’s family. Then Mr. Bingley proposes Jane and straightly Jane accept it.

Elizabeth realizes that Mr. Darcy was the one who helps her family related to Lydia marriage and Bingley’s proposal to her oldest sister, Jane.

The day after Bingley’s proposal, Lady Catherine de Brought visits Netherfield and talks to Elizabeth rudely and asks whether Mr. Darcy has proposed her or not. She also asks Elizabeth not to accept Mr. Darcy proposal in the future, because she has planned Darcy’s marriage with her daughter but Elizabeth refuses it.

Knowing that Elizabeth refused to fulfill Lady de Brought demand, Mr. Darcy realizes that Elizabeth might have the same feeling to him. So Mr. Darcy proposes her again. Elizabeth accept it happily. Mr. Bennet also gives his permission for Mr. Darcy to marry Elizabeth.

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