Oliver Twist Summary

Oliver-Twist-About the year 1837, a baby was born in a poorhouse of certain English town. His mother died right after giving birth to him. Nobody knew about her and she did not wear wedding ring. The baby was given name by Mr. Bumble the town beadle. His name is Oliver Twist. The boy spent his early years in an orphanage and then was transferred into a poorhouse where he and the others met the misery and hunger.  The boys, unable to hold the hunger decided to hold a meeting where Oliver was chosen to ask for more food. At the evening after the supper Oliver rose from the table and asked to the master for more food. Mr. Beadle was outraged. He offered five pounds to anyone who would take Oliver away from the poorhouse but nobody seemed to take him. He was eventually taken by Mr. Sowerberry to work with him. At his house, Oliver was badly treated and finally decided to escape.

On the journey towards London, Oliver was wounded, starved and exhausted. The boy in his age, Jack Dawkins, better known as Artful Dodger met him. He told Oliver that he know a gentleman in London who would give him food and shelter for free. They went to the house of Fagin the Jew who trained orphan boys to pick pockets. There, Oliver was given supper and then sank into a deep sleep. After few days training he was sent to a pickpocket mission along with Artful Dodger and Charley Bates. Seeing their action, Oliver was confused and frightened. He also ran away but being caught by a large crowd of people.

Oliver was arrested at the police station but he was free by the testimony of the bookseller who witnessed the theft. Mr. Brownlow, the victim of the crime felt bad to Oliver and took him to his home. Meanwhile at Fagin’s house, the Jew and his guest, Bill Sikes worried about news brought by Jack and Charley that Oliver was arrested. The Jew and his partner in crime then sent Nancy to the police office to get information about Oliver. The girl was clever and returned soon with the news that Oliver was taken home by an old gentleman.

Meanwhile, at Mr. Brownlow’s house in Pentonville by the nursing of Mrs. Bedwin, Mr. Brownlow’s housekeeper Oliver recovered. Mr. Brownlow was surprised by the remarkable likeness of the painting hanging on the wall with Oliver’s appearance. Mr. Grimwig, Brownlow’s friend, has no faith in Oliver, so Oliver is sent to return the book to test his honesty. The boy is recaptured by Nancy and her friend Bill Sikes and was sent back to Fagin.

Oliver was kept imprisoned by Fagin in the empty, filthy old house with shuttered windows. One dark, wet, windy night Fagin visited Bill Sikes and Nancy in Bethnal Green. There, Fagin and Sikes plotted a burglary in which they needed a little boy to do that and Oliver Twist was appointed. One night Bill, Oliver and Toby Crackit began their action. At the house which was to be burglarized. Oliver was shot, the robbers ran away carrying wounded Oliver but abandoned him in a ditch.

Back in the miserable house, Fagin was upset when Toby returned alone. He worried about Bill and Oliver. He went out of the house looking for Bill Sikes but could not find him. Fagin returned to the house and met a mysterious man called Monks who was angry to him for his failure on the burglary and training Oliver to become a thief.

The next day Oliver was roused by a heavy rain. With feeble footsteps, he walked back to the house that they attempted to rob on the previous night.  The kind owner, Mrs. Maylie, and her beautiful niece Rose, decided to keep and nurse him with the help of doctor Losberne. When he was well enough, they took him to see Mr. Brownlow, but they found his house empty. He had moved to the West Indies. Mrs. Maylie and Rose took Oliver to a cottage in the country some distance away where he bumped Monks and saw him at one evening along with the Jew at the window. That made Oliver so frightened.

In the small town of Oliver’s birth Monks met Mr. Bumble who married a matron of the poorhouse. Mrs. Bumble was with the woman who nursed Oliver’s mother on the night she died. The woman gave Mrs. Bumble the ring which was engraved “Agnes” she stolen from Oliver’s mother. Monks bought the ring for twenty five pounds and dropped it into the river.

When Mrs. Maylie, Oliver, and Rose went to London Nancy decided to meet Rose. Nancy told her that Monks is Oliver’s brother and want to keep his inheritance but she did not want to betray Fagin and Sikes. Nancy and Rose arranged to meet in London Bridge at Sunday night. One day Rose reunited Oliver with Mr. Brownlow and Mr. Grimwig she also told them all Oliver’ stories since they last saw him. They meet her on London Bridge on Sunday Evening, but Fagin had become suspicious, and sent Charley Bates to spy on Nancy. Nancy told Rose and the gentleman how to find Monks, but still refused to betray Fagin and Sikes. Charley reported everything to Fagin, who told Sikes. Knowing that he was betrayed, Bill Sikes then brutally kill Nancy.

Mr. Brownlow kidnapped and brought Monks to an upstairs room. There Monks finally admitted everything that he has done and the truth about Oliver’s birth and his parentage. At the same time in an old ruined house backing onto the river at Rotherhithe. Bill Sikes who was in an escape fastened an end of a rope round a chimney. He planned to let himself done, cut the rope, and run away. At the moment Nancy’s eyes haunted him and made him lost balance, fell like a stone and hung in a sudden jerk.

Two days later, Oliver returned to the town of his birth with Mrs. Maylie, Rose, and Mr. Losberne. Mr. Brownlow followed with Monks. There Monks confirmed what he has already declared in writing. There were also Bumbles who admitted their involvement. The past history of the two half-brothers was revealed. Another story was also revealed. It was about Rose Maylie who was younger sister of Agnes Fleming, hence Oliver’s aunt.

Fagin had been quickly brought to Justice and was sentenced to die by public hanging. While he waiting for his end, he was visited by Mr. Brownlow and Oliver. He told them about the letter of Oliver’s father to his mother and where he hides it. The letter was the proof of Oliver’s identity. Monks retired with his money to a distant part of America where he quickly spent it and took to crime again and soon died of disease in prison. Charley Bates, on the other hand, decided to live an honest life as a farmer boy. Three months after these great events, Harry, Mrs. Maylie’s son married Rose.



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